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Meet Jean-Luc van Zyl

Jean-Luc is a ‘happy go lucky’ young man, who received a scholarship to do programming and create insights based on data.

Jean-Luc preforms his studies via Laptop at home; He struggled with blurry vision, which made it difficult for him to read. He also started experiencing headaches from having his eyes on his screen monitor all day.

Jean-Luc decided to take action. He knew he needed to get his eyes tested.

Jean-Luc was assisted by one of our lovely optometrists and through the Comprehensive Eye Health Exam, they knew what the problem was and how to solve it.

Jean-Luc’s prescripted lenses are now enabling him to work on his laptop without any problems. He has reported back that he no longer struggles with blurry vision nor headaches.

Through the help of one of our Eyewear Stylists, Jean-Luc chose a silver Emporio Armani Frame that follows the shape of his eyebrows and compliments his facial features. He has reported back that he has had a confidence booster since wearing his new frame.

Here is what Jean-Luc had to say – (in his own words):

Such an excellent experience, to say the very least! I was taken aback by the utter professionalism I was treated with. From the friendly staff that greeted me as soon as I entered Spectacle World, to my optometrist who patiently answered all my questions and gently laid to rest the concerns I had for my eyesight. Every step along the way I felt comfortable and welcomed, and just when all the tests were completed a service I wasn’t expecting was given to me with such enthusiasm! I am speaking about a personality questionnaire that helps guides and narrows down the selection for the frames. The end result is one I am still happy with to this day and I most definitely feel more confident with them on than not.

Thank you again for the excellent service!