Everyone is looking at your glasses

Your spectacles are often the very first thing someone notices about you and is a mirror of who you are.

Your new spectacles should provide you clear comfortable vision as your basic expectation and also fit comfortable. Your new eyewear is the focus point on your face, and should reflect your styling personality and boost your confidence as it compliments your facial features and make you feel the best version of yourself.

We offer a 45 min Frame Styling Consultation in our new gorgeous styling room. Our optometrists, optical dispensers and eyewear style consultants have acquired the necessary expertise as qualified Eyewear Stylists (certified by the Eyewear Styling Academy in London). We are proud to be able to offer this bespoke, brand new consultation service to existing and new customers. Clients of all ages, gender and style preference will now be able to find their perfect and most suitable eyewear at our practice

Why a Frame Styling consultation?

Your style personality dictates everything you choose in life from the car you drive, your occupation and your favourite holiday destination.  Adele the practice owner loves bright dramatic frames and Loulize (optometrist) soft, romantic detailed frames and Vanessa (Optometrist) modern classic frames.

We will guide you in selecting the frames that match your style personality in different activities (work/hobbies).

What is your Style personality?

The purpose in discovering your style personality, is to give you the confidence in wearing the right eyewear that suits you every day. Your frame should showcase who you are as the main focus point.

What is your colouring type?

By assessing your colour type we by using the international renowned Colour Me Beautiful system of six dominants (as trained in the in the Eyewear Styling Academy course). Starting points will to note the colour of your skin complexion, eyes and hair to help you to find your most flattering eyewear colours. Discover your colours that enhance your overall appearance and to look and feel vibrant.

What is facial features analysis?

Facial and feature analysis helps us to determine which frame shapes will suit you best.  Firstly, we consider your face length and width to determine the depth of the frame. Then we also note your cheek bones and jaw line to determine the width of the frame. We also note the shape of your brow line. No two individuals are the same – and this is why we want to spend this time with you customising our advice, specifically for you.


We have a wide and unique and variety of authentic and trendy frames to choose from. Elegant classic frames to colour full frames

At Camarena Porter Optometrist we want you to see good, look good and feel the best. 


Camarena Porter Optometrist summary list of frame trends 2021

  1. Bright and stylish clear/shear frames
  2. Geometric shapes
  3. Rectangular classic shape of the 90’s
  4. Fashion Cat eye
  5. Round frames
  6. Double bridge
  7. Thin & Lightweight gold rimmed frames
  8. Intense striking colored frame 
  9. Handcrafted details
  10. Blue Light Blocking lenses