Funky Readers



Eyewear of various shapes and sizes has evolved into a fashion-forward trend, and for those over the age of 40, reading glasses and blue light blockers have become essential. However, we’ve all experienced that moment: standing in a store, gazing at a lacklustre and unimpressive revolving display of reading glasses, yearning for a wider selection or something more vibrant and playful, all while desiring affordability and refusing to conform to societal expectations of age.


Spectacle World, the first company in South Africa to obtain a certificate in The Art of Eyewear Styling presented by the Eyewear Styling Academy, is set to revolutionise the status quo. As an innovative optometry practice, their mission is to redefine the perception of reading glasses. They now provide a diverse range of Funky Readers that caters to a broad spectrum of individuals, from classic managers to creative designers. This allows wearers to not only improve their vision but also express their distinctive personal style.


According to Adele Camarena, owner and director of Spectacle World, “Numerous clients have expressed their dissatisfaction with the limited selection of reading glasses available locally. As eyewear stylists, we aim to change that narrative. There’s no reason why readers can’t serve their practical purpose while also making a striking fashion statement. They should reflect your personality and style, ranging from subtle and understated to vibrant and daring. And if they happen to make you appear more youthful, even better!”


She emphasises that reading glasses have often been regarded primarily as a practical necessity rather than a fashionable accessory. “By carefully choosing the right frames and utilising high-quality lenses, we’re confident that our clients will embrace their reading glasses as a style statement,” she adds.


Around the age of 40 or 50, many individuals start to experience the effects of presbyopia, making it challenging to read small text or see objects up close. Reading glasses present a straightforward yet efficient solution to tackle this problem. Camarena explains: “They have become a vital accessory for countless people dealing with age-related presbyopia. These glasses offer the required magnification to improve reading ease and visual clarity. Presbyopia is a prevalent condition that affects individuals as they grow older. It arises from the natural hardening of the eye’s lens, resulting in a gradual decline in near vision.”


Camarena continues that reading glasses are available in various magnification strengths, typically ranging from +0.5 to +4.0. The numbers represent diopters, which indicate the lens power needed to correct near vision. The correct magnification strength is crucial to ensure optimal vision and avoid eye strain. Wearing the wrong lens can lead to discomfort and make reading even more challenging.


She adds that to determine the correct strength of reading glasses, it is advisable to undergo a thorough eye examination conducted by an optometrist or ophthalmologist. “By doing so, we can assess your visual needs and accurately prescribe lenses that cater to your specific vision requirements. One eye may necessitate a stronger lens compared to the other. Our Funky Readers are customised, optical grade, pre-made reading glasses. The range of styles caters to a wide variety of tastes and preferences.”