Why do some people avoid visiting an optometrist & the importance of finding solutions to this sentiment?


Reasons why some individuals feel uneasy when going to an optometrist for an eye examination:


  • Afraid of receiving bad news from an optometrist regarding their overall eye health.

  • Afraid of bright lights and some medical devices, such as the tonometer and the puff test. This can be due to anxiety or trauma.

  • Uncomfortable invasion of their personal space.

  • Fear of failing an eye test due to incorrect answers or lack of knowledge about eyewear options; not knowing what to choose.

  • Fear that the medical field is fatal, possibly due to a misdiagnosed condition from their past.


If you find yourself in any of the situations mentioned above, consider the following solutions:


  • Seek out an optometrist that is understanding & compassionate; ask your friends for recommendations.

  • Talk to your optometrist openly and honestly, a good optometrist will not pass judgment on you

  • You don’t have to fear response with wrong answers during your eye test, thanks to modern technology some monitors can assure correct results. Do not rush and take your time.

  • Thanks to modern technology, some monitors can guarantee accurate results, so you don’t have to worry about giving the wrong answers during your eye test. Take your time and do not rush. Early detection of conditions is usually to prevent the worst outcomes.

  • If you are worried about selecting the wrong eyewear – don’t be. We provide an eyewear styling service that ensures you’ll find the ideal set of glasses to complement your distinctive style.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions; we’re not just here to test your eyes, but also to educate people about the value of the optical field.


How you can prepare yourself before visiting your optometrist:


  • If you’ve had an eye exam before, bring a copy of your previous prescription.

  • Bring along your current vision aids/spectacles. This will make it easier for the optometrist to monitor how your vision changes over time

  • Ask questions; as previously stated, we’re here to educate people about their eye health and to make them aware that eyewear serves as more than simply a visual aid also it’s a fashionable accessory!

  • Do not overthink making your appointment; just do it 😊