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Lindy Sammery


“I need spectacles because I can’t see and have been struggling with my eyes since school. I used to wear spectacles, but since my prescription is so high, I opted for contact lenses when I started my first job. My lenses became too thick and I was quite embarrassed wearing glasses. With Adele’s help, I can see more clearly and don’t feel embarrassed at all. I actually feel more confident, especially when I wear my new perfectly styled glasses.”

“Because I work with recipe books, I read and proofread a lot. I’m constantly in front of my computer or reading proofs. My eyes don’t get tired at all and I can even read a nice book in bed until late night.”

“It was a real eye opener for me. I never knew anything like eyewear styling existed. It was a wonderful experience to learn which colours suit my face. I also loved trying on different frame designs to find the perfect fit. It definitely changed my perception that specs can’t be funky. The experience made me see things differently and I’m really excited to be part of the specs family again.  It has given me loads of confidence. I definitely want to acquire a frame in every colour that accentuates my skin colour and face shape. It also made me realize that you can dress your glasses up or down, depending on the occasion. Your specs can definitely make a fashion statement – hooray!

“I’m over the moon with my new spectacles. It’s a beautiful blue frame that compliments my skin colour and fits me perfectly. I just love it! My confidence has gone up quite a notch! I’m not afraid of trying new things and I’m definitely not scared of trying different colours and types of frames… Bring it on!”

“I’m overwhelmed by all the beautiful compliments. Thanks Spectacle World and Adele Camarena. Your service is excellent and thank you for making me feel like part of the family.”